Project in Los Angeles

In the hot summer month, it was a bit quite in California, but now we are realizing two projects within a short time. In LA we just finished an installation, a second arena will follow in Santa Barbara soon.

HIT Active-Aqua in nice sunset

HIT Active-Aqua during installation

HIT Draingrid for HIT Active-Aqua

Control unit for HIT Active-Aqua

HIT Active-Aqua drip lines


Another HIT Active-Aqua system in Sweden

In the last couple of month we realized some nice projects with our HIT Active-Aqua watering system in Sweden, thanks to our partner Expåra AB. Here some pics from our last project, that we made in Laholm.

HIT Active-Aqua watering system

Control unit for HIT Active-Aqua

Control box for HIT Active-Aqua

HIT Active-Aqua irrigation system


New riding arena in San Diego

We built again a new riding arena in the USA, with the HIT Active-Aqua watering system. This time we installed a nice arena next to San Diego, California, with our partner Footing Solutions. 

HIT Active-Aqua irrigation with Platz-Max arena drag

HIT Active-Aqua irrigation system, still without footing

Air photo from arena with HIT Active-Aqua

Installation of the footing


FEI World Cup in Omaha

Together with our retailer for the USA, Footing Solutions, we had a booth at the FEI World Cup in Omaha. It was a very interesting exhibition with a lot of new contacts. 

Booth company Footing Solutions, together with company Kraft



First riding arena in the Netherlands

Together with our partner in the Netherlands, company Paddockmaker, we installed a first riding arena with the HIT Active-Aqua irrigation system. 

HIT Active-Aqua irrigation system

Controllbox for HIT Active-Aqua system

HIT Active-Aqua irrigation system