How much water does the system use?Details

The system generally runs for 10-30 min. per day.

With an average consumption of approx. 15 l (4 gal) per m2 per hour .

The system can be adjusted according to evaporation, and desired moisture levels. 

How long and how frequently should the system run?Details

This depends on a variety of factors:

Is it an outdoor or indoor arena?

Is there direct sunlight exposure?

What weather conditions prevail?

What moisture level should the footing have?

How many drippers per square metre are needed?Details

Approximately 15 drippers per square metre are needed on average.

What level of sand moistness is recommended?Details

This depends on the situation on site and the particular needs of individual riders and horses.  Experience has shown, that no scientifically sound values

can be derived for footing moisture levels. 

Does the system need several irrigation circuits?Details

Yes, when designing a HIT Active-Aqua Horse Arena Irrigation System, we like to divide the arena into several irrigation stations.

Determination factors are the water supply either from waterlines

What is the difference between ordinary drip lines and the HIT Active-Aqua drip lines?Details

The drip lines are not simple lines with holes, as for traditional agricultural irrigation applications. The Hit Aqua Drip lines have an integrated diaphragm valve system,

How many times a day can the system be turned on?Details

The control computer allows up to four start times per day, each individually timed for every station.

This results in tremendous flexibility of the irrigation schedule, allowing all-day consistent moisture for the footing. 

What are the thresholds that water has to be below of for the system to work properly?Details

Prior to installing a HIT Active-Aqua Horse Arena Irrigation System, an assessment of the available water is essential. Only if the relevant values are below the quoted maximum thresholds, a standard installation of the system is possible.

Total suspended solids (TSS), ppm
< 30
Oils and fats none
< 20
Calcium carbonate (CaCO3), ppm
< 200
Hydrogen carbonate (HCO3)
< 250
Iron (Fe), ppm
< 0.3
Manganese (Mn), ppm
< 0.2
Sulphur (S), ppm
< 0.1
5 > pH < 8
Phosphorus (P), ppm
< 1
EC value, dS/m
< 2
Boron (B), ppm
< 1
Sodium adsorption ratio (SAR)
< 3
Chloride, ppm
< 300
Todal dissolved solids (TDS), ppm
< 1000
Biological oxygen demand (BOD), ppm
< 20
Chemical oxygen demand (COD), ppm
< 50

How can the system be cleaned?Details

If the water quality is good, it is largely sufficient to flush the system once per year by simply opening the ball valves at the end of the collector lines and flushing the system with water. Water with high calcium or iron content or desalinated water have to be flushed yearly with a low concentrated acid 

How much low-concentrated acid is used?Details

We will advise you of the correct amounts and concentration, which will enable effortless flushing of the irrigation lines: Service 

What does the construction of the drip pipes look like?Details

The drip pipes are not, as opposed to traditional agricultural irrigation applications, simple lines with holes. Rather, at every hole in the drip pipe, an integrated diaphragm valve is fitted. This valve opens and closes depending on water pressure, thereby achieving consistent water output into the footing across its entire area. The diaphragm valves are self-cleaning, in order to avoid any blockage of the opening by sand particles.

What water pressure does the operation of the HIT Active-Aqua horse arena irrigation system require?Details

The optimum operation of the system requires a minimum water flow pressure of 3 bar (44 psi) and a maximum flow pressure of 8 bar (116 psi). 

How can sand capillarity be measured, and what are the characteristics of a good sand?Details

To select a good sand for the footing of a horse arena and to water it efficiently, its capillarity is to be determined.

This characteristic describes how fast moisture travels to the surface in the sand and will determine the correct type of sand to be used.

Contact us for an analysis for us to determine the suitability of your current footing or we will recommend appropriate sand in your area.

When we select new sand and/or any additives for the footing, we will make sure that the appropriate balance of the capillarity

needed for irrigation and the properties of the sand match the riders’ and horses’ needs.

Is it possible to install the drip lines without the floor grid?Details

No, the HIT Active-Aqua horse arena irrigation system only works with our patented HIT UNIVERSAL PLUS Draingrid. Its design ensures full protection of the drip pipes against any overstrain or damage by the horses’ hooves.

Only the dedicated grid design ensures an effective water distribution throughout the riding arena floor. 

Is it possible to drive over the grid floor while filling it?Details

Wheel loaders, yard tractors, bobcats can drive on the grid provided it is completely installed and grids are fully filled. Once the grids are laid, the filler sand has to be brought in from the outside and gradually progressing towards the other end of the arena filling the grids. At this stage one can drive over the grid floor.


What are the main advantages of the HIT Active-Aqua horse arena irrigation system?Details

A consistent and even moisture penetration throughout the entire arena floor is substantially more efficient with this system.

No more irrigation overlaps, pooling water or dry areas. The arena can be used during the watering cycles- no down time.

No water loss due to evaporation. Water is used efficiently and economically only on the footing as wall, fence, and side boards remain dry.


Can individual drip lines be repaired?Details

Yes. Should a drip line be defective, the above lying grid is removed- without tools , giving access to the driplines to be replaced. The grids are then easily reinstalled.


What is the applicable warranty term?Details

The HIT Active-Aqua horse arena irrigation system drip lines have a 10-year warranty, provided the water properties are under the relevant thresholds. All other hardware we ship has a 2-year warranty.